Sunday, 28 October 2012

CGI Artist's Toolkit: Maya Character re-do & UV mapping + Basic Shading

I forgot to post my re-do of the pencil & eraser characters in maya. I didn't mess up as much this time! Aha.
 Here is before, my first attemptAnd After! My remake.
This is actually the 4th time I've remade it. I kept coming across problems and would basically rage quit. But now I can practically make them from heart, haha.

Here are the basic shaders and UV map renders

Came across many many many problems with the UV mapping.
After all the UV mapping had been done, it would not allow me to save it to be edited, not as  a TIFF, JPEG, anything. I would spam OK and nothing would come of it. I closed maya, tried again, kept making sure I had the right settings, and again, nothing would happen if i clicked OK to save it. It wouldn't close, no response at all.
So, I had to make the texture print screening the UV map I had made and creating one on photoshop my self. 
Then, the second problem I had, was that in the shot_cam view, it would not let me move the camera angel, or move anything within the scene, which was so annoying as it was at a very bad shot. So I had to do it in the second option, but again I found it hard to control the shot it took, and last second, one of the rotations of the cubes I made had changed. I must have pressed my keypad on one of the options for the XYZ angles. So, i had to render the image using the perspective in the second option, not the shot cam, and got this image, which I know isn't ideal, but, argh! 
Alright, rant over. I will bring the file in to re render! 

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Cinematic Spaces: Final Presentation


Artist Research and Creative Partnership Archive

I had these in my OGR but realized not in a separate post! In case they became hard to find, I thought I'd post them separately here.

Influential Artists Creative Partner Archive

Unit 1 Film review: Alien 1979

Alien 1979

Submission disc artwork.

I had no idea how to use photoshop for graphical work, so I'm sad that my cover is so simple!
I used the large DVD case so the picture is elongated, not the CD case.
dvd cover

cv cover

Life drawing sessions 3&4

Sadly some of my photos came out poorly. =(

quick warm ups

Studying perceptive
(the lightening affect is intentional, not bad lighting from photography!! :P)

Adding light to dark to create a drawing with depth. (erasing from charcoal)

Cinematic Spaces Unit 1: Final Concepts

Have been reluctant to post these!

1. The Angel Statue
A beautiful angel carved out of marble, upon a sphere, with her face concealed by a shroud. 

2. The city of Kor

A city built by an ancient civilization, which had been long abandoned, not destroyed, but over grown with nature. I liked the idea of new life taking over.
3. The magical Fire
 In a dormant volcano, a magical fire which grants immortality should one be emerged with it. 

Monday, 22 October 2012

Space and Environment Unit 1: Thumbnails

I have been trying to develop my cave scene ideas the most lately as it was the most neglected. 

Here is thumbnails 1-6 for one scene, but I feel is just too typical cave.
So i thought I'd go back to pencil and paper as I'm struggling with using photoshop and I felt it was stopping me from being creative. (excuses ahaha)

6 more thumbnails, really liked this idea so wanted to take it forward. Wanted to make a colour scheme

Will play around with more colourschemes more. This is of course very messy, it wasn't really supposed to be posted as it's more of a map for me.
The scene includes gargoyles, which I struggle to draw. I had another practice but it didn't go so well.
I made a design for the floor 
This is just a rough plan so far will edit it for the final later if I decide to include something like this.
Here are some more sketches for the city of kor but I don't feel either are particularly strong

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Unit 1 Cinematic Spaces: Thumbnails, Angel Redesign

My last thumbnails I felt the angel didn't seem innocent enough, or motherly, caring. She had a sort of seductive vibe, so she needed redesigning.
I drew to Sailor Moon for inspiration, as I was thinking who, to me, is most innocent. My child-hood hero, of course!
So, I basically used this pose in my angel design.

Below, after sketching the pose (which I feel needs a re-do, but for the sake of thumbnails and just planning..), I wanted to find suitable hair for an angel.

Above, in the book, the angel has her face covered.

Designing wings, for 3, I took the right wing of 3 and duplicated it. 

 Dropping her into a very roughly sketched background.. It's pretty much the same as last design. I feel this set needs to be revised, but I'm running out of time, and there are more neglected scenes.
With quick shading and tones added

I feel the colours above are most successful but least true to the book. 

And, of course, this is most true to the book, but least successful. It is too dim. The light needs to be more blue and more vibrant. 

Still hitting my head against the wall for ideas regarding the magical fire scene!