Friday, 12 October 2012

CGI Artist's ToolKit: photoshop

This was our second lesson in photoshop. I had lost my previous work due to not saving it properly, sigh. This lesson i didn't have a tablet, so was using mouse, but we were loosing at creating perspective and scenes using the lasso tool, and filling in to create interesting shapes.
Above is with an added pink lighting. i like this affect, but don't know if i prefer it to below.


  1. like this a lot, Lucy - you've got a lot of skill going on - very atmospheric - just a note - watch your sizing and its relationship to your blog template - picky yes, but I'm just looking after your online reputation! :)

    1. Aha thanks for pointing out!! I just fixed it now =)

  2. First one with the lightning is amazing! I love it! Reminds me a little bit of Disney's Emperor's New Groove style : )