Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Unit 3: Fantastic Voyage: Scene development

Trying thicker lines for my scene was suggested, and I really like the affect. Also this version is rendered with mental ray settings.
Here is the thinner lined version for comparison..

Sadly, when using the outline in mental ray, the toonlines have to be made into polygons, which don't animate very well. To keep the lines, I'll have to render scenes twice, once with the mentalray setting of all the scene/character, then again with just the toonline in maya software. Sigh!
The mitochondria look a lot better in mental ray render settings.. (a still from the short. Low quality jpeg as my computer doesn't like me saving over files while rendering. =( ) Here is one without the black line (has to be added later)

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Fantastic Voyage: Outlines

To get the toon outline, you have to render with maya software in the settings, so I had to fiddle around as I was rendering in a different setting! Here is how the scene with the black outline.
Featuring Goopher, he fits into the world nicely! 

I really like the affect on the mitochondria. 

CGI Artist's Toolkit: Life drawing portfolio

Friday, 26 April 2013

CGI Artist Toolkit: Animation Sketchbook

I've never really kept a sketchbook. I doodle on the train or when bored on what ever paper I have, and then throw it away usually. I find it hard to commit to one book, but here is a collection of what drawings I have left. Mostly drawn on a bumpy train home!
I don't really vary my drawings much..

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Fantastic Voyage: Scene and Character so far..

I have almost completed the inside-cell scene for my animation, and currently in the process of making pre-viz. Here is my progress so far..
The original drawing, for comparison:
I have been trying hard to translate the style into 3D.
The character, so far (Goopher? I still can't chose his name. It is such an important factor, it's proving hard to chose, still.)#

In the process of rigging. His eye brows and mouth will be added for each scene..