Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Unit 1 Cinematic Spaces Film Review: Le Voyage dans la lune

Film Review La Lune

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  1. Hey Lucy,

    This is a really encouraging review - because it's content rich and begins to embrace an awareness of social and cultural context (the section associating the design of the moon men with the 'alien' appearance of African natives, for example). You've obviously invested in this in terms of reading around the subject before committing to the writing of it - and that's very satisfying, because, in truth, unless you're reading interesting stuff, you're not going to be able to write interestingly. You need to look again at the Harvard reference; you've got the bracketed citation coming before the quote, and it should come after, and it should be the surname of the author, followed by its publishing date. Stylistically, I like the way you're introducing your sources, but you should reference the author of the source in the sentence normally, and only put the info in brackets following the associated quote.