Monday, 15 October 2012

Unit 1 Space and Environment: Thumbnails

Above is a drawing for the angel, an idea of a more elegant pose. But I feel it is now too seductive. In 1, I felt her wings were too small so I resized them in 2. 3 I forgot the veil in the book, so I added it. In 4 I re drew her hair to try and look more womanly rather than game-chick, but, I think the pose will just need a total remake.

Steps for putting her into a scene.
Added some tone

Some colour variants. I am enjoying the 3rd.

I am struggling with the cave scene with the fire. I drew this today, but totally forgot the fire is supposed to be accessible for walking in, and I drew it in some sort of dish, so this will need a total re design, too!

May be hard to notice but one is slightly more purple. I wasn't really "feeling" this picture, as you can see!!

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  1. I really like the process of drawing that statue lady! Also I like how you are trying different colours : )