Monday, 22 October 2012

Space and Environment Unit 1: Thumbnails

I have been trying to develop my cave scene ideas the most lately as it was the most neglected. 

Here is thumbnails 1-6 for one scene, but I feel is just too typical cave.
So i thought I'd go back to pencil and paper as I'm struggling with using photoshop and I felt it was stopping me from being creative. (excuses ahaha)

6 more thumbnails, really liked this idea so wanted to take it forward. Wanted to make a colour scheme

Will play around with more colourschemes more. This is of course very messy, it wasn't really supposed to be posted as it's more of a map for me.
The scene includes gargoyles, which I struggle to draw. I had another practice but it didn't go so well.
I made a design for the floor 
This is just a rough plan so far will edit it for the final later if I decide to include something like this.
Here are some more sketches for the city of kor but I don't feel either are particularly strong

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  1. that first drawn thumbnail: what a great shot! i'd love to see that one developed some more

    ...and thumbnail 6 :)