Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Unit 3 Story Telling: Character & Environment design progress

Here are some sketches from when I was trying to figure out how to develop Gie so he can be identified as a male. I liked 2, but i'm still not 100%. It's stressful & heart breaking knowing I'm behind the design half of this project! 
Developed idea 2 a bit.. The quiff of hair would help the hair clip part of the scene, having hair and such..

Some sketches for how female penguins can look. Sorry these aren't numbered.
 My parrot Sushi posing for me, I was sketching him in my book which inspired these thumnails for the parrot..

 A smoother cleaner penguin keep. It's a very messy drawing. It's a bit empty but it will contract more with the parrot world. Still not happy with the design, though.


  1. don't get stressed, Lucy - and I think you're right about Gie's boyishness now - the quiff is working, and the girl faces are working too!

  2. They really are working! You can easily tell which penguin is a girl and which is a boy! I love Gie's fringe! So boyish and teenage-like : D
    Also - your paintings of the environment are so lovely, a this one is a beautiful work with lovely colours. I admire the softness of the lines; be careful with the perspective in some places, though, but in general - awesome!

    Don't get stressed! You are doing just fine and looking at your works makes me really happy! <3

  3. Lovely! Can't wait for the Pixar short.