Thursday, 21 February 2013

Creative partnership Archive

Comments from Shannon to me:

Hey Lucy this is great I particularly like the bottom picture :) kepp up the great work and theres no reason for you to not be happy with these! They are great :D 

I really like the looks of number 6. cute drawings lucy, keep it up :) 

Hey lucy, big thanks for the comments on my posts they are really going to help me :D. I really like the notion of 'not being afraid to hide who you really are'. Its simple yes, but don't forget in it's simplicity it can really stand out and put that message across to the viewers. over complicating it could detract from the message you want to put across. Secondly I love the way the animals take on human characteristics wearing and utilising human objects and prop on the protagonists mission to individuality. I agree with Phil, maybe make this a birds world and look into the sterotypical traits and characteristics of different birds if you want more to go on? Looking good and I can't wait to see how this rebel penguin evolves! 
wow this looks awesome :) like the use of ink and the strong sense of composition that creates 

Hey Lucy :), great initial ideas its hard to get the ball rolling. I think it would be pretty funny if the plot was really exaggerated, perhaps the bear could discover his hidden talent of skateboarding and go tony hawks through an entire skate park. Just a thought that made me giggle whilst I read this. Also I think the quiet reflective skater boy/girl could be a nice touch. You can always substitute the bear for another character to see what changes that could bring to the story. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses. Good luck creative pal :D. 

My comments to Shannon:

Im confused about the ending, there's some sort of earthquake, the potion slips out of his hands, but from there it's a bit unclear to me. But the rest was very easy to read :D And you get a real sense of adventure. But I also feel the dinosaur doesn't actually play much of a role in this story?? I hope I don't sound too harsh =) And also I don't know if these are completed? exciting stuff

Hey shannon :D Wow you're on character design already!! Awesome! She's really pretty, but maybe you can introduce her role more into her visual concept. If she's a tooth fairy, maybe somehow show that? Not so much that you have to draw teeth, but maybe she can have the tools or bags on her to collect them. looking really good

everything's pointy, sharp and jagged, it looks scary & dangerous - is it supposed to be?? Really nice drawing :D

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