Friday, 8 February 2013

Unit 3: Story Telling - Character, Costume & Enviroment Design

I decided re-design his outfit for his "ultimate form", hehe. I wanted to make it more tropical and more in the spirit of the parrot world rather than roses like the design before.

A quick design of what the dad will look like from sketches on my story board. I haven't drawn emotions yet as I'm still not 100%

Smoothing out the penguin rookery a bit. This enviroment still isn't finished, it's lacking something. The glass on the left side will be water where you can see the penguins swim - and the right is where the audience stand. It's important that the people are in the open so they can drop stuff into the keep.
It looks dark, as intended, at the end I was thinking of having the keep well lit when Gie finally can express himself within his home.


  1. These are sooo awesome! I love how clean and neat these designs look : )
    I can't really decide which colour scheme I like the most..they all look cool... D:

    1. Maybe I can add a nuclear disaster in the story that makes all of his outfit shine rainbow :D THANK YOU

  2. um, that's a 'no' to a nuclear disaster, Lucy... You know, just an idea here - but maybe the penguin keep shouldn't be 'dark' - because that rather suggests we should feel sorry for all the other penguins; as if they're imprisoned. But really, you don't want us worrying about the other penguins in this respect, you want us worrying about Gie's inner life and right to express it. Perhaps if your penguins' keep was more 'sterile' and 'antiseptic' and clean and almost hospital-bright, that would connote conformity more 'postively' than darkness or gloom? What do you think?