Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Thumbnails Secret Lair

Having a hard time thinking of a set up for the mirrors that amplify the sunlight.
I was very lazy on drawing the objects and robots, I just wanted to map out the area.
I was trying to draw the light still coming from the top of the dome, but I found it very hard to work with, so I decided to take the light from the side.
The picture looks pretty clustered and flat, but I was just focusing on the set up.
I think i will look again at the idea of a lens, and then a mirror guiding the lens' reflection, rather than all mirrors.


  1. Hey Lucy - but there are no nuns in this image.... (joke) :D

    I'd like to see you return - compositionally - to that 'layer cake' idea in your previous concept art - but think about that all this apparatus sitting above the top-most layer - so, I don't know, rather like one of those chocolate fountain things, you've the lighting entering through the top of the dome, being intensified etc. then melting sand that's on the top-most later, and then the liquid glass coming down onto the second layer down - and so on - I think you're just about there really, you just need to bring all your ideas together (you see it could be that the top of the dome of the lair that encompasses the layer cake is where all these complex lenses and mirrors are suspended - I don't know, like a constellation above the lair. The layering you've got in that topmost pencil thumbnail is also promising - so yes, layers and platforms and the idea of the liquid glass cascading down from above, and maybe all the lenses etc. suspended in the topmost area of the lair?

  2. Oh, I'm liking the idea of the mirrors, the way you've portrayed the light in these thumbnails is excellent :D
    The only thing I'd question is the top mirror, I can't really see where the light source would come from? or doesn't make much sense to me? Thats the only issue I have
    Good work lady! :D