Friday, 16 November 2012

Online Greenlight Review: Project 2

Having problems with scribd. No matter how many revisions I upload, it won't show the images towards the end. I will try to fix ASAP, this is the 10th revision and it still won't show!



  1. Hi Lucy, you may have already done this but just in case you haven't and after seeing a few of your classmates getting very annoyed at scribd for similar glitchy stuff happening and this working for them, if you haven't done so already make sure when you save your powerpoint presentation you choose PDF as your format rather than powerpoint.

    If this doesn't resolve it what you could try instead would be to go into photoshop, make a canvas the size your powerpoint presentation template is and create the slides in there. You can then 'insert' picture like you have been doing or in the slide background settings you should be able to set an image as the backgrounds for each slide and this then may solve the problem as you won't have images pasted on top but rather as part of the slide.

    1. Thank you so so so much for your help!!!

  2. OGR 17/11/2012

    Hey Lucy,

    Okay - so I share your Scribd frustrations as I too feel robbed of the opportunity to see your most recent updates in terms of your secret lair. That said, I feel as if you and I have enjoyed some pretty constructive discussions re. a few ways to lend some additional visual interest to your interior space by dealing with the logic of the manufacturing process - and putting more of that 'technology' into the inventor's domain. Generally, I find your synthesis of your two story components and associated research to be very satisfying. I could spend more time here discussing your 'performance anxiety' issues in regard to the moments in a creative process when things get tricky, and point you towards the evidence to the contrary - i.e. that when you DO finally stop panicking and beating yourself up, you're capable of making great creative leaps and visualising your ideas very effectively through the thumbnailing process etc. Instead, can we just agree between us that, next time, you'll try and head-off the anxiety before it bites by asking for help in positive and proactive ways - as opposed to going off radar and suffering needlessly in some kind of private agony... a) it doesn't work, and b) it's not professional, and c) there's no reason for going it alone creatively on a course like this one that places such importance on collaborative working and discursive approaches to the making of work. Just do it differently, Lucy - no more repeat behaviour please - it's a waste of your energies - which I would rather have you spend on making the high quality and imaginative work of which you're clearly more than capable.

    Re. Scribd - always export as PDF before you upload to Scribd - as it should rule out any formating strangeness...

    Get your missing imagery up on here asap, Lucy - and I want to see you updating your blog 'little and often' - a blog that updates in this way becomes a dynamic place to visit for browsers; if you leave long gaps between updates, people's interest can wane - build momentum around your own creative process - and sustain it.