Thursday, 1 November 2012

Cinematic Spaces: Project 2 inspiration maps, research, thoughts.. The Saharan Inventor

The Saharan Inventor.
I was exactied until I went to research the Saharan desert. I then begun to smash my head against the desk as I kept coming to a stop, as I just found the Saharan intself so boring. It's the hottest and largest desert in the world. I kind of trapped my self in the mind set that it had to be in the middle of the desert, only when I began to think about areas surrounding the desert, and oases in the desert I began to construct ideas in my head.
Here is my very basic research so far:

Saharan and Inventors Research
I then had a lot of fun getting people tp help me think of weorkshops of inventors in film and game. Although these aren't exactly the sort of enviroment I want, I just want to collect all I can on the sort of places inventors could live.
Here are my influence maps:

I have a huge problem when to arranging images in posts! It never co-operates with me! I think I need to change my template
So, I got excited when thinking about having an Ancient Egyptian inventor, who perhaps used a strange sort of spiritual magic infused with his mechanics to  create robots, with the intent to replace slaves with robots. I would very much like to create an exciting magical themed set, which is why a lot of my influence maps are kids movies. I still am pretty stuck when it comes to ideas, though!


  1. Hey Lucy,

    Hmmm - strange template stuff aside, I like how you've stopped 'banging your head against the table' and started thinking more creatively about your two words.

    You know, it did occur to me that there's one thing that an inventor could do with all that saharan sand!

    I was thinking too about the Touareg - are there any legends/folk-tales etc. from within that culture that might offer up another take on this? (I think the sci-fi idea is a little bit like importing an existing style in order to 'not think' about the challenges of your environment - to kind of side-step what is 'difficult') - that said, the idea of a Touareg inventor making an army of glass (out of the sand) could be fun.

    A quick look at Wikipedia tells me that the Tuareg people believe in Animism (attributing spiritual essence to nature) and were keen astronomers... wow!

    1. wow that's absolutely amazing. Thank you sooooo much!!! And you're right about the sci fi being the easy way out. Thanks so much again, Phil!!!

  2. :D Now go think up something amazing!