Monday, 5 November 2012

Project 2 Secret Lairs: Further Research & story so far

Here is some more information I collected, this time on the Tuareg people;
The Tuareg People
So far, from the research I have collected, I have created this character in my head, which seems natural, relevant to context of the time, and exciting.

My character is a Tuareg Smither, crafter, Inventor, an Inadan of the early 19th Century, where his life style, culture and community were being threatened by the French, who were slowly taking over the lands, and had already for many Tuareg tribes.  He knew that to cease the invasion, he could not keep aimlessly moving, avoiding the armies. He knew he had to fight back, but the Tuareg mercenaries were no match for the technology and numbers of the French. He consoled to nature and his ancestors, and was enlightened to take cover in the mountains, and use the land, the will and force of nature to aid him. There, he began to set up his workshop, where he could build the tools he needs to prepare for the great battle which was ahead of them. He began to smith metals, and create class from the pure resources from the land, the smooth Saharan sand, and the rich minerals which lay beneath it. He reffered to the stars to inspire him for weapons, as his ancestors would arrange the skys infront of him to guide him. The blue prints set out to him in the stars became more and more like stories, as he could make out constilations like the warrior, and he was reminded of the tales of BoulKhou. He knew he was not as strong and mighty of such a fabled man, but he knew there was great meaning to this message. He began to construct armour-shapes out of glass, brining them together with bones of iron, muscles of leather. He had not the resources to power them, and he began to question why he had wasted time building an inanimate soldier. The next day, carvings in the walls of the mountains appeared, which seemed out of no where. It was a message from the mountains them selves, with Quranic prayers embedded into the walls. The inventor now knew what was the power of his instruments, and he hastily began to chip away into the glass soldier, re creating the Quranic prayer, and creating symbols of great powerful animals and nature into the glass. The glass became too hot to work on all of a sudden, the inventor withdrew from the soldier in pain from the heat. The glass started to became dark, misty inside. It was as hot as lava, but not burning the interior of the soldier. The glass was becoming obsidian in the centre, and the engravings glowing with a hopeful light. The Inadan was now clear of his purpose, to create the cells for nature's strong will to preserve their home land, as strong as the inventors own will.

I hope my story is clear and not too dull, or too typical.


  1. Gosh! That's some back-story... I'm going to ask you to refine it still further - into a series of easy to follow bullet points - it will be good for your clarity - and mine. (Very exciting, original and speculative though - very rich!).

    Oh - watch your spelling - in your post title 'Sececret' ?

    Great to see you no longer banging your head against the table, Lucy! :)

    1. Argh, I didn't notice the typo, thank you!
      I was planning on making the story more clear in bullet points when I make the character bible, but I should get into the habit now, I guess.
      Thanks for taking the time to read through the wordy version :D