Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Unit 3: Fantastic Voyage: Scene development

Trying thicker lines for my scene was suggested, and I really like the affect. Also this version is rendered with mental ray settings.
Here is the thinner lined version for comparison..

Sadly, when using the outline in mental ray, the toonlines have to be made into polygons, which don't animate very well. To keep the lines, I'll have to render scenes twice, once with the mentalray setting of all the scene/character, then again with just the toonline in maya software. Sigh!
The mitochondria look a lot better in mental ray render settings.. (a still from the short. Low quality jpeg as my computer doesn't like me saving over files while rendering. =( ) Here is one without the black line (has to be added later)


  1. ah yes, but it will all be worth it! Keep going!

  2. It's looking amazing Lucy! Go go gooo! : DD