Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Fantastic Voyage: Scene and Character so far..

I have almost completed the inside-cell scene for my animation, and currently in the process of making pre-viz. Here is my progress so far..
The original drawing, for comparison:
I have been trying hard to translate the style into 3D.
The character, so far (Goopher? I still can't chose his name. It is such an important factor, it's proving hard to chose, still.)#

In the process of rigging. His eye brows and mouth will be added for each scene..


  1. :D - very nice translation from concept art to model, but I wonder if you could investigate ways of keeping the black line art style in your world? Anyway an update - good! Keep going, Lucy!

  2. oh - and I like 'Goopher' :) He looks like a Goopher to me!

  3. Hi Lucy the CG models are looking great you've done a really good job at keeping your art style the same as your concepts :)