Friday, 8 March 2013

Online Greenlight Review: Fantastic Voyage 7/03/13

Sorry it is so late :( I had problems with free software "open office". No matter what file I saved it as, the images had disappeared.


  1. OGR 08/03/2013

    Evening Lucy,

    Okay - it's not exactly as clear as it might be from your OGR what your intentions are here, though I checked back at your previous post, so I know it's your intention to have a character sent into the cell to gather information - which seems reasonable enough, though you're going to need to think about your framing narrative - i.e. how the audience is set up to understand the goal of the creature etc. - i.e. who he is and what it is he's doing.

    You know, I'm going to be a wee bit controversial here: I absolutely LOVE character thumbnail number 4 and I don't like the helmeted slug you've taken further in design terms. Thumbnail 4 has so much character - and I love his simple line-art style, his visor, his Sesame Street-style nose - I think you've got him right there! But there's something else too; because of how appealing that thumbnail is in terms of his illustrative style - (delightfully Quentin Blake - - I'm left thinking that your concept art for your environments needs to be as 'lo-fi' somehow - as illustrative and sketchy as opposed to your more characteristic 'full cream' digital painting style. Honestly, your thumbnail 4 has so much going for it in terms of style and appeal, I think you should use it govern your approach to everything else in your world. I can see your environments being rendered very similarly - more loose and more 'faux-naif'. What do you think? Are you up for parking your usual approach and adopting something more illustrative? More 'Quentin' than 'Feng Zhu?' I'd really like to see some more concept art exploring this alternate approach - what do you think?

    In terms of your actual story structure/concept, I'm asking students to go directly to a 'thumbnail animatic' stage - wherein you panel out your concept very quickly and work with a timeline + sfx from the beginning - to commit to your sequencing of shots and info at the earliest opportunity - that way we can see very quickly what might need more work - or more time (or less time). Certainly, you need to think about introducing your audience to your character and his mission - and this will come even before you start unpacking the cell structure.

    So - some stuff to think about, Lucy - thumbnail 4 - he's utterly charming, comedic and very silly-looking, and I think he's key to your visual concept and exploring some different sorts of visuals...

  2. oh yeah - following our brief conversation in the bar few days back... ;)