Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Fantastic Voyage: Thumbnails

Here is my main character design so far. I was trying to play around with his design, but when I changed him, he didn't quite feel the same. (Except in this particular thumnail I made him a bit stumpier than normal, He should be a bit taller.)
I can't think of a name!
Re-draw of a previous thumbnail but in a different style. Perhaps I should make the outlines a bit thicker??

1 comment:

  1. He still makes me laugh! But I think his nose is in slightly the wrong place on his profile - too low - like it's slipped a bit - maybe just raise it up a bit more to give a bit more shape to his face.

    In terms of your environment - I'd almost say you've got too much colour and too blended a style going on still; for example, I think you could afford to make the 'circles' in the characters body more clearly defined - more separate in terms of their colour - and likewise you could rationalise the world - I really like the 'ribosomes' (?!) - floating see-thru sausages - because they're much more 'cel-shaded' and block coloured - and they instantly seem more resolved. What do you think? I know you have a' blended' default, but I think everything could be allowed to be a bit more matte, flat and cel-shaded (which also means 'fewer' colours, because you won't get all the mid tones etc.)