Thursday, 14 March 2013

Fantastic Voyage: Re-style

The background is undecided but the style is now a looot more simple and the lineart is thicker and more lose.
Is the colour too simple now, do you think?
Again more simple and lose style
I can't think of a name for him. I keep calling him "Guy", and it's sticking out of habit. Any suggestions?? :D


  1. Hey Lucy - no I think you're nailing it now - and it must be causing you real effort 'not' to blend and go more painterly - but it feels very synched-up now with your character...

    Hmmm - so he's a fact finding explorer chap, right?

    so maybe


    Or 'Snoop'

    or 'Gumshoe' or...

    Just google for synonyms of key words that relate to his function/character and I'm sure you'll find some appropriate names :)

  2. The lineart-ish background works very well : D As Phil said - synched-up with the character : ))

  3. Read carefully!

  4. I posted on Reddit, they best they came up with was "Mike O'Chondrion". =)

    Runner's up included Amebob, Gene, Zelle, Mito, Cliff.