Friday, 3 May 2013

Unit 3: Fantastic Voyage Scene Renders

Ambient Occlusion
Both Layered


  1. Hey you...

    I really hope you've had some sleep now - and also get a better perspective on your accomplishments for this unit. Over the last few days you've been in a very dark, lonely place - all CGAA students go there at least once in their time on the course, and you've done it now, it's over now, and you'll be fine. If you're clever, you'll never, ever do this to yourself again, so if there are things that contributed to your final week misery, boring things like time management, procrastination etc - then identify them, store up the experience and do things a bit differently next time around. Please don't let one rocky week knock your confidences, Lucy - like I said, you've got scar tissue now that CGAA students share.

    Now - listen to me; on May 24th we've got the CGAA Super Screening - when all years show their work to each other - it should be an exciting day, and I really want Goopher to debut there, and for you to be happy with what you're showing. Remember - regardless of deadlines - this work is YOUR work - it has a shelf-life way beyond Lecture Theatre 1. Now, I'm sure right now the very last thing you want to do is get back on the horse with this project, but I've got a different plan I'd like you to consider. Next week, Jordan Buckner is in Tuesday through to Friday to support the final hand-ins, but I'm sure he could find you time to work with you on your animation of Goopher and help trouble shoot the bits I KNOW you want to improve and which bother you. What I'd like to see is you coming in on Tuesday - nice and calm - and working on your animation in a non-pressurised way to get it where you want it. My experience is this: if students leave year one on a bad experience, it can sometimes haunt their year 2. I want you to get this animation ready for the super screening - and for the online world more generally - and do so without the terror of doing all by yourself and against the clock. How about it, Ms Yelding - time to get back on the horse?

    1. Yes, that sounds wonderful. There are so many moments in my animation i had to leave in, though i would have surely changed if i had time, which make me cringe. It was my plan anyway to do Goopher more justice in the summer, but I will defiantly take up all the help i can get now. Thank you!

  2. oh yeah - you've spelled mitochondria wrong in your animation - keep noticing, but keep forgetting to tell you :)