Monday, 21 January 2013

Like for Like story Board

I chose a 30 second scene from Lord of the Rings The Twin Towers, where the orcs are about to attack Helms Deep.
I watched it a couple of times and it looked pretty short and sweet. When it came to story boarding, it felt as if the shots where never going to end. So many shots in such a short clip, wow.
So there was a lot of back and forth shots from the defenders and the orcs, with the orcs gradually pounding their spears on the ground faster and faster.
I'd love to find the story board of this scene now.
Here is the clip
2:43 to 3:15
It is not my video, so I can not embed this clip.


  1. These look really amazing! Great job!

    Also - LOTR - YES!

  2. wow this looks awesome :) like the use of ink and the strong sense of composition that creates