Sunday, 23 September 2012

Intro and stuff!

I felt like I'm slacking a bit by not making any posts, as it seems most people on the course have. I see people are posting previous works which are all pretty awesome, I'm do the same I guess.

I like to speed paint a lot, in oil paints. I like to only paint in sessions of under 30 mins, because I think I begin to over-love paintings past that time mark. I do digital paintings too but I have none to show. So I could be lying, hur hur.
Not the best photo I could have took of my work, huh. 
Well, this was painted after watching a whole series about the punic wars. My interest in games derives from my interest in history.
I feel the choice of colours wasn't the best here, I perhaps should have replaced the blue tones with something more complimenting with the brown tones. oh well. As I said, it was just a 30 min speed painting. I never put much thought into these. Just let the excitement out (gross)
Another speed painting. Colours, angles, shadows, composition, blah blah. My biggest let down in paintings is that no planning goes into them. Being spontaneous is good, but when trying to complete a full painting in this style, planning is needed otherwise it looks clashy. 
This is an example of where I can love a painting to death :P It goes well, and then you ruin it. The left of the painting, the pajamas are left untouch, and probably the strongest part if the painting. The rest got repainted many of times and was lost within the layers. Oh well, live and learn.

In my college I had life drawing quite often but sessions were often around 30 mins. But here is some work, anyway
We only had 2 models.

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